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John Trevino "Sunk In Above"

Sunk In Above


John Trevino’s photomontages for this bus station, titled Sunk In Above, are inspired by nearby thoroughfares—including Hawthorne Boulevard, Imperial Highway, La Brea Avenue, Rosecrans Avenue, Venice Boulevard and Western Avenue—that connect Los Angeles’s urban areas with the ocean.

Béatrice Coron "Dreams" detail 1



Béatrice Coron’s Dreams pays tribute to the aspirations of Angelenos, the millions of individuals who have come to the City of Angels—a city of possibilities—so their hopes and dreams can take flight.

Amy Cheng "Beyond the Biosphere" detail 1

Beyond the Biosphere


Beyond the Biosphere by Amy Cheng depicts a series of vibrant, overlapping spheres in two playful compositions for the glass on the platform canopies at this bus station.

Detail of Paraje—Spanish for a resting place between two destinations—a 10ft h x 10ft w cast stainless steel sculpture containing imagery inspired by the nearby Gardena Willows Wetlands. Preserve.



Alison Saar’s Paraje is a reminder of the surrounding terrain’s natural history and is designed to offer transit users respite from the sun and wind. Located on the west end of the station platform and measuring 10 feet high by 10 feet wide, the cast stainless steel sculptural windscreen contains imagery inspired by the nearby Gardena Willows Wetlands Preserve, which is one of the few remaining pristine willow marshes in Los Angeles.

14 Miles

Project Description As Lead Artist, Renée Petropoulos participated with the design team to incorporate art enhancements into the Metro G Line (Orange). During the planning stages, she identified future artist opportunities. During construction stages lead artist tasks included the design of customer seating areas at five transit plazas, final selection of station colors and materials, and station art installation oversight. In contrast to many transit systems, where each station is singularly designed, the Metro G Line (Orange) stations are uniform throughout. As a consistent design, the idea of movement is visualized, like a ribbon running through the Valley. The artworks individualize each station. Station artwork was included as a seamless part of construction, and Station Artist opportunities opened up to artists with a variety of media to bring their art expertise and creativity to the project. Artist Statement “The work is a tribute to the Valley – the attributes of respect – I always work in relationship to a site, conditions of the site – I call it situation-specific.” About the Artist RENÉE PETROPOULOS, born in …

Jose Antonio Aguirre, A Passage Through Memory

A Passage Through Memory

Serving as a landmark and gateway for the city of Azusa, Jose Antonio Aguirre’s A Passage Through Memory (2015) is inspired by local historic architecture and the cultural traditions of the region’s earliest inhabitants. A pair of monumental Spanish colonial-style arched portals is placed at the entry ramps leading to the station platforms.

Todd Hido, A Road Divided

A Road Divided


Project Description Taken by the artist while on the road, these images conjure a passenger’s associations to another time, or place, during their travels. Artist Statement “My concept for this project is a simple one: To bring the beauty of and atmosphere of nature to the urban spaces people commute in. My images have a quality that I often hear transports viewers to another time or place in their lives. The images I have selected are all images that were made while traveling or on the road. They mirror the commuter’s journey but clearly in a more reflective way.” About the Artist TODD HIDO is a San Francisco-based artist whose work has been featured in Artforum, The New York Times Magazine, Metropolis, I-D, and Vanity Fair. His photographs are in the permanent collections of the Whitney Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Display year: 2010 – 2013 Locations: Universal City/Studio City Station No longer on display

About Place About Face


Project Description Intending to monumentalize the station’s surrounding community, Neilson reached out to local schools and organizations and gathered images of 27 faces of people who live and work in the Pico/Aliso neighborhood. The final images are made of cast iron and are larger than life size. They are located on the upper sides of the platform canopy. The sculptures “freeze” a wide variety of facial gestures, emotions, ages and genders and provide a lasting artistic legacy. Artist Statement “The design is intended to reference windows of a passing train and the faces peering out at us. Are the faces looking out at us or are we looking in at them?” About the Artist ROB NEILSON has completed numerous public art projects throughout the nation including Los Angeles, Detroit and New Orleans. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Creative Studies in Detroit and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina. He is  the recipient of a Kohler Company Arts/Industry Artist in in Residence Program and has been …

Michael Massenburg, All in a Day

All in a Day

Drawing on the rich history of Dorsey High School and the surrounding community, the art panels illustrate the many people who have contributed to the area’s growth and cultural life.

And Here I Will Stay

Project Description A series of art panels are united by a flowing sash, mean to convey the history and vitality of the local neighborhood. At locations facing the entrances to the platform, art panels depict the agricultural area that once existed as well as the present day urban city. A painted sash flows in front of the landscape. The front side depicts images of fabric patterns from a wide range of cultural traditions quilted together with a light blue yarn meant to signify the E Line (Expo). The back side of the sash contains a painted, abstracted map of the area with a blue line denoting the route of the E Line (Expo). At locations facing the interior of the platform, people, restaurants and theatres are the focus – drawing attention to the many different kinds of people and businesses that have contributed to the growth of the area. Artist Statement “By including images of the diverse existing community as well as a large veteran population, the pieces will offer a sense of warmth, youthfulness, …

Patrick Mohr, "Angel Train"

Angel Train


Patrick Mohr’s “Angel Train” is a metaphor for the spiritual journey we all take during the course of our lives, merging the architectural past of downtown Long Beach and the journey of the commuter with the invisible poetic world of fantasy.

Rafael Cardenas, Anonymous



Project Description For Cardenas, traversing by bus or train in a city known for its cars and freeways is a study of Los Angeles’s diverse cultures, people and neighborhoods. To create the photographs in Anonymous (2016), the artist roamed the city in all modes of transportation: bike, bus, train, car and foot. Inspired by the nuances of daily life, he discreetly captured distinct moments as they unfolded in front of him. These artworks are part of the Metro Art Photo Lightbox Series, displayed in select stations between 2017 and 2020. Artist Statement “These images tell stories that are often overlooked as we move anonymously through the streets of Los Angeles. They speak to the smells, sites and sounds of the city, and the many individuals encountered as they head to work, play and home.” About the Artist RAFAEL CARDENAS (b. 1971, Jalisco, Mexico) is a self-taught photographer who chronicles the personalities and times in which we are living through intimate portraits and street scenes, primarily capturing the gamut of life in East Los Angeles where he …

Michael Davis, Arcadian Zephyr

Arcadian Zephyr


Weaving together history and the story of place, Michael Davis’s artwork for this station, located in downtown Arcadia, draws inspiration from two of the city’s major destinations: the Santa Anita Park thoroughbred racetrack and the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden.

Adobe LA, "Blissful Interiors" (platform view)

Blissful Interiors


For Atlantic Station, Adobe LA created a series of benches with tile rugs at the platform and a large scale free standing sculpture inspired by the striking and colorful design culture of Eastside living rooms, shops, cars, and toys.

Diane Meyer, Born on a Train Lightbox

Born on a Train


During a train ride from Oakland to New York, the artist utilized the time to create artistic installations that reinterpreted the interior space of a sleeper car, as well as the relationship between the train and the passing landscape.

Paul Tzanetopoulos, Breezy and Delightful

Breezy and Delightful

Paul Tzanetopoulos has long been fascinated by the seemingly infinite variety of pattern in cultural artifacts, often evident in textile designs. In this project, Breezy and Delightful, the artist focuses on designs which reflect the unique cultural heritage of the many groups that live and work in Long Beach.