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The Yellow Car and Los Angeles at Union Station

The Waiting Room Gallery presents exhibitions that engage a broad range of transit patrons and visitors to Union Station. The program creates a memorable, dynamic environment for our customers and encourages the use of public transit. Exhibitions incorporate extensive advance research and partnerships to highlight a variety of subjects with a connection to transportation, Union Station and local creative communities. 

Currently on View

The Yellow Car and Los Angeles

The Yellow Car and Los Angeles, organized by Metro Art in collaboration with the Metro Dorothy Peyton Gray Transportation Library and Archive, was created for the Union Station Waiting Room Gallery. The exhibition features reproduction photographs, rail and bus design drawings, tickets and other materials from the Metro Transportation Library and Archive. It also incorporates hand painted place names, map-like dots and lines, and colors inspired by period signage and vintage transit maps (1926-1944) in the library collection.

Visit The Yellow Car in Los Angeles program page to learn more and view the expanded exhibition.

Upcoming Waiting Room Gallery Exhibitions

  • Spring 2023MAPPING Performance:  10 Years of Metro Art Presents (2013-2023)
  • Fall 2023 - The Chinatown History Project, a collaboration with Huntington-USC Institute on California and the West 
  • Summer 2024Catalysis, trans-discipline collaborations between art & science
  • Winter 2024Perfect Sense