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What you wore, What you wear

Carmen Argote, What you wore, What you wear

Project Description

In this series of artworks, clothing represents both the commuter and the commute. Art panels above gateways reveal open closets full of clothes. On some panels the clothes are pressed close together, symbolic of the crush of a rush hour commute. Variations in spacing on other panels create alternate relationships between the proximity of clothing, reflecting changes in the commuter flow at different times of day. Artworks above seating areas emphasize the rhythm of sitting and waiting as part of the commute. Clothing is draped over benches creating the impression of a seated figure. On close inspection, the figures are created from multiple bands of fabric and color. These placements form narratives about the people who may have inhabited the clothes and their relationships with the spaces they occupy. The diverse attire is culled from community members and represents a wide range of personalities, professions and cultural influences.

Artist Statement

“In these vignettes of city life, the clothes create narratives that are telling of how the public spaces we occupy house our lives.”

About the Artist

Carmen Argote

Portrait of Carmen Argote

CARMEN ARGOTE has exhibited her artwork at California State University, Los Angeles; Los Angeles City Hall; The Arboretum of Los Angeles County; Kyoto Grand Hotel; Harvey Levine Gallery; Wight Gallery; USC Roski MFA Gallery and G727. She has taught at California State University, Los Angeles; Inner-City Arts and Heart of Los Angeles. Argote holds a both a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).