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Twelve Principles

Joe Lewis, Twelve Principles

Project Description

With Twelve Principles, Joe Lewis seeks to emphasize shared values that exist in a world full of differences. Lewis interviewed over one hundred adults, children, students and business people from various Long Beach communities and formulated a list of twelve principles that were valued as contributing to a well rounded person: Faith, Family, Humility, Hope, Honesty, Communication, Unity, Open Mindedness, Integrity, Education, Discipline and Excellence.

The work consists of twelve concrete, tile and aluminum discs, each representing one of the principles. Each disc contains an icon and text. In addition to the sculptural elements installed at the station, Lewis printed a brochure of writings by local students which explore their thoughts on the twelve principles. Lewis developed text for the project in English, Spanish and Khmer translations.

Artist Statement

“Twelve Principles is about common ground. Most people want the same things out of life. They want access to the bountiful opportunities of our society, the freedom to try to attain their personal potential and a safe haven for their families and themselves. It is my hope that, when people see this art work, they will reflect upon themselves and their relationship to their community and the world.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Joe Lewis

Portrait of Joe Lewis

JOE LEWIS was born in New York City. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from Hamilton College in New York and a Master of Fine Arts from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore. He has presented his photographic installations in solo shows in Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh and Atlanta. He has done a public commission for the City of Baltimore and one for Riverside, California. He was the Director of Fashion Moda in New York from 1978-1982. He has taught at UCLA and Cal Arts and is currently Dean of Fine Arts for Cal State University, Northridge. He lives and works in the Los Angeles Koreatown area.