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Vamos Juntos/Juntas


Project Description

Through the use of swirling vibrant colors such as metallic blue, electric yellows, pinks, and silvers, Martin Durazo captures the energy of people traveling. His meaningful use of color includes the use of metallic blue as an ode to the California seashores meeting with the metal of man-made, transportation-based culture. The ground colors reflect the landscape of Southern California.


Artist Statement

“This work for El Monte Metro Station is a culmination of the energy and vibrant nature of the cross-section of the community of El Monte and of the greater Metro ridership. Using bright colors intertwined with swooping paint strokes, I mirror the day-to-day power that comes from people on the go. It is the goal of this work to invigorate its viewers and for them to feel that they are part of our robust always on the go culture.”

About the Artist

Martin Durazo

Martin Durazo

MARTIN DURAZO is multi-media artist whose work explores fringe subcultures and the expression of personal fulfillment rooted in dangerous excess. Born out of rebellion against the status quo, his work is located in the intersection of a grungy aesthetic combined with the polish of high-design. He is known for creating large-scale installations combining paintings, ready-made objects, video, sound, light and performance. Durazo is the recipient of the City of Los Angeles Individual Artists Fellowship and is a California Community Foundation Fellow. He has exhibited at numerous prestigious venues locally, nationally and internationally including ArtForum Berlin and Art Basel Miami Beach. Martin Durazo holds a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Art from Pitzer College.