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In addition to integrating artwork at all Metro stations, we also offer transit riders the opportunity to engage with a wide variety of artworks through multiple exhibition series. The unique, site-specific formats range from neighborhood posters and photography to community art banners and most recently on TAP cards and digital screens at station platforms.

Bob Zoell, Griffith Park

Griffith Park


Project Description Zoell is an artist who frequently uses the language of advertising as his medium. Zoell depicts Griffith Park as a whimsical, fun environment boasting many attractions. Covering 4000 acres it’s the largest municipal park in the United States. Artist Statement “What especially attracts me to the early posters of the 20s, 30s and 40s is the simplicity and minimal thinking in order to reach an audience of a busy modern world. The colors were often very bold and screamed ‘Look at me, forget those other guys, I am very simple, LOOK AT ME’.” About the Artist The artwork of BOB ZOELL has been featured in The New Yorker magazine and he has authored and illustrated many children’s books. He has been included in exhibitions throughout the world including the Fundacio Joan Miro, Barcelona and the Center Georges Pompidou, Paris. His artwork is included in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Display year: 2003 – Locations: Griffith Park

Hermosa Beach, Cynthia Evans

Hermosa Beach


Project Description Hermosa Beach is depicted in the style of vintage postcards. Evans celebrates the city’s centennial and 100 years of beach culture by commemorating its groundbreaking lifeguard service, iconic pier and museum, a female surfing champion from the 1930’s and the quirky environment of surf and sand culture. Artist Statement “I wanted this painting to look fun, since the beach is definitely that. It is loosely based on vintage postcards and features old fashioned bathing costumes, a historic map and made up postage stamps.” About the Artist CYNTHIA EVANS received her Masters of Fine Arts at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. She has exhibited her paintings throughout the West Coast including the Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Los Angeles and the Linda Hodges Gallery in Seattle, Washington. Display year: 2007 – Locations: Hermosa Beach

JoeSam., "Hide-n-Seek"



Working with local children, artist JoeSam. created Hide-n-Seek, a giant figural game located amid the numerous freeway supporting columns at the site. Throughout the two levels of the Wilmington/Imperial Station (now known as the Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station)

William Acedo, Irwindale



Project Description Entitled by the artist, “Jardin de las Rocas” (garden of rocks) the name given to the area by early Spanish settlers, the artwork celebrates the rich confluence of landscapes, cultures and histories that intersect within the city of Irwindale. Acedo was struck by the layers of history shaping the landscape. Artist Statement “I witnessed the San Gabriel River as it burst from mountains to industrial plains of Irwindale today. I immediatelyt thought of how vital this site must have been for the nearby native settlement, Azuksagna, home of the local Tongva/Gabrielino indigenous people. My resulting panoramic drawing…aims to not only draw attention to the geological beauty of the site, but also alludes to the panorama of history and the various inhabitants who lived on this land up till today.” About the Artist WILLIAM ACEDO has exhibited locally at such institutions as Self Help Graphics, the Vortex and District Gallery and has been included in exhibitions at such venues as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame and the National Museum …

Journeys: LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists

Project Description Journeys: LA Communities Through the Eyes of Artists On display in Union Station Passageway Art Gallery, June 2017-August 2018 Each artwork on display in this passageway focuses on a particular neighborhood or city within Los Angeles County “through the eyes of artists.” The artists capture the look and feel of each place from a personal perspective, highlighting special, surprising, unexpected or lesser-known facets of those communities. Lush urban gardens, backyard barbecues, street parades, cemeteries and even a fantastical underwater world are among the subjects for these idiosyncratic works of art. Following in the tradition of colorful travel destination posters, the artworks are part of a series—typically presented on posters inside buses and trains—that encourages riders to explore communities throughout the expanding Metro transit system. Featuring the original artworks by  twelve artists who created posters for the Through The Eyes of Artists series: Jonathan Anderson (Gardena), Walter Askin (Pasadena), Sarajo Frieden (Venice), Wakana Kimura (Inglewood), Christine Nguyen (Long Beach), Mary Ann Ohmit (Azusa), Sam Pace (Leimert Park), Jane Gillespie Pryor (Whittier), Aaron Rivera (Lakewood), Artemio Rodríguez …

Aaron Rivera, Lakewood



Project Description The town of Lakewood California turned what was once an agricultural landscape into one of the first suburbs and model for planned communities across the nation. The town became a vista of wide boulevards, flanked by smaller streets lined with mid-century homes, dotted by parks, pools and shopping centers. Artist Statement “I have chosen to illustrate the area’s sense of family life and community. The image depicts families and neighbors at a backyard party/ BBQ, against the backdrop of a 1950’s style suburban home. I hope this…brings to mind a lightness of spirit and motion within the story while providing visual interest outside the narrative.” About the Artist AARON RIVERA has a diverse artistic background including storyboard artist, scenic painter, and puppet fabricator. He has exhibited work at various galleries in Los Angeles at such places as the LA Municipal Art Gallery and La Luz De Jesus Art Gallery. He has also presented his work at Art Basel in Miami, Florida and the UBC Mural Company in Chicago, Illinois. Rivera received a Bachelor of …

Metro Art Bookmarks, 1996 & 1997

Project Description In 1996 and 1997, Metro Art initiated and developed bookmark projects in a creative effort to encourage transit customers to use the Metro system to travel to local libraries. Visual artists and poets were invited to form teams and submit collaborative designs of text and imagery for bookmarks to be distributed in “take one” holders on board 2,000 Metro buses, and at public libraries countywide. Coinciding with National Library Week in 1996 and National Poetry Month in 1997, 100,000 printed copies of each bookmark were made available to over one million daily bus riders as well as the public at large. Over the two-year project period, more than 150 artist/poet teams submitted proposed works. Panels comprised of professional artists, poets, and librarians were brought together to review all submissions, offer critical input, and select ten finalists. Metro’s Graphics Department translated the original works into images for printing. Distribution of the final products was handled by Bus/Rail Divisions and the County Department of Libraries. This project successfully demonstrated that creative contributions by artists—whether visual …

More People Than You Know

Artworks featuring portraits of local transit riders by local artists are presented on digital displays interspersed with real-time transit information. The inaugural series appears at A Line (Blue) stations.

Poetry In Motion/LA™

Poetry In Motion/LA™

Launched in October 1998 in partnership with the Poetry Society of America, Poetry in Motion/LA™ places poems directly in the path of more than one million Metro bus riders daily.