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I see what you’re saying (train of thought)

Eileen Cowin, I see what you’re saying (train of thought)

Project Description

In 2001, artist Eileen Cowin inaugurated the program with a series of photographs titled, I see what you’re saying (train of thought). These black and white, larger than life, close-up images of eyes and mouths felt separated from their overall context of a continuing narrative. “Eyes” view, witness, notice, watch and spy while “mouths” talk, pout, utter, and express. In viewing these photographs, we were reminded of our habit of looking at others and reading stories into what we see. As we wait, travel, stand or sit, we daydream and those around us weave into our imagination.


Eileen Cowin, I see what you’re saying (train of thought)

Eileen Cowin, I see what you’re saying (train of thought)

Artist Statement

“The ‘gestures’ in these images are plainly seen, but remain ambiguous… These scenes ride the edge between the real and the unreal, between social commentary and personal fantasy.”

About the Artist

EILEEN COWIN is an artist who uses photography as a medium. She has been the chair of the Photography Department at California State University at Fullerton for many years. Her Bachelor of Science is from the State University of New York, New Paltz, and Master of Science the Illinois Institute of Technology. Cowin’s work is collected worldwide and she is well respected as one of the best-known photographers in Southern California. Her numerous solo exhibition include: The Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena; the University Art Museum, Long Beach; the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago; and the Cleveland Museum of Art.