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MacArthur Park site (1991-92)

Project Description

This temporary construction fence, which consisted of 30 painted plywood panel murals, was erected around the drained lake in MacArthur Park in an effort to mitigate construction of the Metro B Line (Red)/D Line (Purple) MacArthur Park Station.

Thirteen local artists under the direction of lead artist Roberto Delgado created images based on the theme of life and culture of the surrounding neighborhoods. The mural was dedicated at a public fiesta complete with music and refreshments. Participating artists included Alfredo de Batuc, Juan Francisco Burgueno, Anthony Cox, Danny David, Electra, Rafael River Escamilla, Frits W. Godin, Elizabeth Garrison, Mary-Austin Klein, Merry-Beth Noble, Elliott Pinkney, Joyce Santiago-Maloy and Shinobu Tobita.

Artist Renée Petropoulos also pitched in by enlisting 16 of her students from Otis College of Art and Design to paint mural panels for the project as part of their public art class with her. The construction fence remained up until the lake was re-filled.

This project was a collaboration with the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department and Otis College of Art and Design.