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JoeSam., "Hide-n-Seek"
JoeSam., "Hide-n-Seek"

JoeSam., “Hide-n-Seek”

Project Description

Working with local children, artist JoeSam. created Hide-n-Seek, a giant figural game located amid the numerous freeway supporting columns at the site. Throughout the two levels of the Wilmington/Imperial Station [which is the intersection of the Metro A Line (Blue) and C Line (Green)], large vibrantly colored metal cutout figures appear to be playfully engaged in this universally recognized game.

Over a period of three years, JoeSam. worked with over 1,000 children from the community to realize this project. To initiate the project, young people from the Watts/Willowbrook Boys and Girls Club worked with the artist to produce cutout figures of themselves playing hide-n-seek.

Together with Metro, JoeSam. then developed a coloring book featuring their designs. The coloring book was distributed to local elementary school students. Using their illustrations as guides, the artist has vividly captured their work in his creations.

In 2018, the artwork was deinstalled in response to a significant renovation of the Willowbrook Rosa Parks Station.

Artist Statement

“People all over the world play hide-n-seek. We can all relate to the warmth which the game generates and the importance of shared friendships. I want to bring the fun and humor of the game into the station. I hope this project evokes those deep feelings of joy and glee that we’ve all experienced at times.”

About the Artist

JoeSam. Artist Portrait

JoeSam. Artist Portrait


JOESAM. was born and raised in Harlem. He earned a doctorate in education and psychology from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, taught at Columbia University, and was director of the Head Start Program in San Francisco for over ten years. He gradually began to commit himself full time to art. His colorful work seeks to celebrate the warmth, fun and joy of children. He has completed a number of sculptures for facilities across the country including a public health center near Seattle, a senior citizens library in Florida, and an office complex in Santa Monica, CA.

Display year: 1993 – 2018
Locations: No longer on display