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Project Description

You start every day and try to keep on moving, but when you find yourself in an environment where meaning shifts and you have the opportunity to question its essence, it is like looking at reincarnation from aside: how process involves different states of being and perspectives. So much exists in a state of potential transformation yet meets resistance due to growth and survival. – Jantsa

This artwork is on view at 7th St/Metro Center and Hollywood/Highland Stations as part of the Metro Art Digital Art Shorts Series.


About the Artist

JANTSANKHOROL ERDENEBAYAR (JANTSA) creates film and video works which deal with resistance in various ways. His ideas are often driven from adjustments and transformations of living and non-living things, ideas and perceptions caused by social or any given circumstance. His artworks explore possible ways of immunity and adaptations, as one may find growth in resistance.