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Memories in Between


Project Description

I wrote a memory of meeting an old friend on paper and set it on a sunrise scene. In between the texts are holes where the sunrise peeks through the paper. When the sun sets, only the dots appear, when the sun rises, the light penetrates the paper–revealing the texts (memories). After moving to California, I experienced isolation between places, separation between people due to physical distance. Commuting became an important way to remain connected with friends and family. The dots represent stations and familiar geographic locations–the dots appear independent and separate but the distance traveled in between them becomes a delightful interaction that we encounter in our daily lives. – Jisoo Chung

This artwork is on view at 7th St/Metro Center and Hollywood/Highland Stations as part of the Metro Art Digital Art Shorts Series.


About the Artist

JISOO CHUNG is a Los Angeles-based multi-disciplinary artist working primarily through video, enactment and installation. As a Korean immigrant, her artistic practice comes from the uncomfortable place where two languages overlap–the digital language of technology that is so dominant in Korea, and a borrowed English language. Often, humor created by linguistic failures, such as mistranslations and misinterpretations become motifs in her practice. She thinks these glitches indicate gaps in the dominant culture’s belief systems that are reproduced and reinforced by technology. Her work playfully explores the socio-cultural imperfections that are embedded in contemporary technologies. Chung earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from Seoul National University and Master of Fine Art in New Genres from the University of California.