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Mothership Opera


Project Description

A golden spaceship awakens after a thousand-year stasis and blasts off toward its planet of origin. This is the last scene in the film where the ship’s captain delivers her crew from the clutches of an evil opera singer.

This artwork is on view at 7th St/Metro Center and Hollywood/Highland Stations as part of the Metro Art Digital Art Shorts Series.


About the Artist

CARESS REEVES is a Los Angeles filmmaker whose work delves into imaginative landscapes inspired by dreams, mysticism and experiences surrounding Black womanhood. She grew up fascinated by animated films and received her Master of Fine Arts in Animation at the USC Cinematic School of Arts. Her work has showcased at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) and The Soap Factory. Her master’s graduate film, Mothership Opera, a funk-opera musical set in outer space, screened at multiple film festivals and is the culmination of her research of Black representations in animation history.