All Through the Eyes of Artists

Jane Gillespie Pryor, Whittier


The poet, after whom the City of Whittier is named, wrote about a tradition of announcing a death to the bees. The artist pays homage to the city’s namesake as well as the indigenous population who called the land Sejat, meaning “a place of the wild bees.”

Artist Otiswoods uses fantasy and surrealism to share symbols and sculptures of the Westlake neighborhood in the latest poster for the Through the Eyes of Artists series.


Metro artist Alex Gonzalez “Otiswoods” depicts symbols of creativity and strength in Westlake in the latest Through the Eyes of Artists poster. The artist was moved by the will and industry of his neighbors in Westlake — where he was born, raised and still resides.

Sandra Low, San Gabriel

San Gabriel


Sandra Low’s vision of San Gabriel, Dream Connect San Gabriel, pairs contemporary features with historical roots in a surreal landscape set before the San Gabriel Mountains and inspired by traditional Chinese landscape painting.

Mary Kay Wilson, San Fernando

San Fernando


While there is much to marvel in the 1797 Mission San Fernando, this watercolor invites you to experience a small corner of the garden, with its Roman arch, tiled roof, adobe walls and exposed wooden beams, all elements that remain architectural inspirations in Southern California today.

Sonia Romero, Pomona



Romero pulls together a wide variety of cultural icons from the city’s history including the LA County Fair, Antique Row, the Arts Colony, the Wally Parks Motorsports Museum, and the goddess of Pomona herself.

Pacoima Through the Eyes of Artist Levi Ponce



Metro commissioned artist Levi Ponce depicts his hometown of Pacoima, where flowers bloom around community, in the latest installment of Metro Art’s Through the Eyes of Artists poster series, viewable onboard the Metro fleet through August 2021.