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Jeaneen Carlino

Project Description

In this personal tribute, Downey’s architectural charm and post-WW2 industrialization is captured in a combination of both muted and vibrant colors by artist Jeaneen Carlino, who has a lifelong connection to the community. The artist juxtaposes historic landmarks of Downey with railroad crossings, power lines and other industrial infrastructure. Iconic local architectural styles are side-by-side in this metropolitan landscape, and palm, pine and cypress trees dot the horizon. The city’s nostalgic character and vitality was especially apparent to Carlino, whose childhood memories of visiting her grandparents in Downey informed her aesthetic appreciation of everyday places in the city when she returned as an adult.   

This artwork was commissioned for Metro’s Through the Eyes of Artists poster series for display in the fleet.


Artist Statement

“Some of my earliest and most sacred memories were formed in Downey. When I revisited Downey, I was able to gain a new appreciation of the city through the lens of a developing artist.

About the Artist

JEANEEN CARLINO (b. 1980, Pico Rivera, CA) creates depictions of powerful, divine women on an inner voyage of self-growth and love. Her mixed-media acrylic paintings—infused with spray paint, colored pencils, stenciling, gold leaf and collage—feature fantastical environments, adorned with decorative patterns, shapes and colors. She draws inspiration from the celestial and the everyday to uplift, inspire and spread joy. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design.  

About Through the Eyes of Artists

In the tradition of celebrating transportation through colorful travel destination posters, Metro Art commissions a diverse range of Los Angeles artists to create original artworks for the Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. Established in 2003, the posters are displayed onboard Metro trains and buses.

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Display year: 2022