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El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Fabian Debora, El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Project Description

The bold gaze of young Angelenos at the site of the original pueblo of Los Angeles offers a reminder that the city’s vibrant heritage lives on in future generations.

Fabian Debora, <i>El Pueblo de Los Angeles</i>

Artist Statement

“I have found the El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument to be an educational portal for young people, including my own children. I have painted a picture that takes them back in time, educating and informing them of the history that gave birth to our city’s name, “La Reina de Los Angeles.” This painting serves as an introduction to the importance of its history and as an invitation across generations to take pride in the vibrant heritage that has led us to this place today.”

About the Artist

FABIAN DEBORA (b. 1975, El Paso, Texas) is a painter and muralist raised in Los Angeles’s Boyle Heights neighborhood. Early in his career, he interned with LA artist Wayne Healy and created murals with East Los Streetscapers. Today, his paintings are featured in exhibitions and on exterior walls throughout the Los Angeles region. In addition to his art practice, Debora is the director of substance abuse services at Homeboy Industries, art director for the Latino Producers Action Network and program manager for LA Classe Art Academy. He also teaches art at juvenile camps and state prisons in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties through the Alliance for California Traditional Arts and Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network, where he is a Governing Council member.

About Through the Eyes of Artists

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