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El Monte

Lois Keller, El Monte

Project Description

Sculptural olive trees align the streets along Valley Mall, the city’s bustling shopping district, and reference the original barrios. Flower and strawberry fields lie in the shade of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Artist Statement

“What began as a mere oasis along the Santa Fe Trail, became the final destination for many immigrants impressed by the undeniable qualities of El Monte. These groups settled in nine separate “barrios” which, over the years, built strong ties with one another, ties that eventually led to collective action in 1933 for improved treatment and wages.”

About the Artist

LOIS KELLER (b.1968, Green Bay, WI) started her artistic career painting on a large scale for Opera, Ballet and Theatre as a scenic artist.  She currently participates in local exhibits and community art events in Los Angeles and also shows her art internationally. Her work, usually narrative in nature, combines  the past and future to create an inspired present day view. 

About Through the Eyes of Artists

In the tradition of celebrating transportation through colorful travel destination posters, Metro Art commissions a diverse range of Los Angeles artists to create original artworks for the Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. Established in 2003, the posters are displayed onboard Metro trains and buses.

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