Terry Schoonhoven, Traveler


Traveler, a tile mural located at the bottom of the escalator at the east entrance of the subway station, depicts travelers from different eras in a Los Angeles “timescape” that features historical references such as Spanish galleons, the Pico House, Olvera Street and actress Carol Lombard.

Kim Yasuda, ReUnion



This artist team designed a series of six bus passenger waiting areas which reference the social and natural history of the site and incorporate ideas about shelter, movement, evolution and change.

Metro Art Presents SUMMERTIME

Metro Art Presents SUMMERTIME, an uplifting love letter to Los Angeles and all the stories it holds. Join us FRIDAY 6/24 beginning at 6:30PM for a screening, live poetry performance, music by Austin Antoine and more. RSVP is required.

Metro Art x dublab Present Deep Routes

Exploring the overlapping and intersecting musical histories embedded in the Los Angeles landscape and its transit topographies. This free live event at Union Station on SATURDAY MAY 7 from 4-8 PM is all about the Deep Routes radio series. Featuring Jimetta Rose and The Voices of Creation, Spiñorita, traditional Tongva songs shared by Jessa and Tina Calderon, Atomic Nancy’s Jukebox and more sounds that span Los Angeles County.

East Los Streetscapers, La Sombra del Arroyo

La Sombra del Arroyo

Hand-painted and glazed ceramic tile on the undersurfaces of the bridges provide the illusion of lacy tree branches overhead, while cast relief tiles feature a variety of native birds and animals which might once have inhabited this spot.

May Sun, Richard Wyatt, City of Dreams/River of History

City of Dreams/River of History

The artwork is a unique collaboration between two artists, May Sun and Richard Wyatt, who worked together to develop all elements of the artwork’s multiple interlinking elements including the 80 foot long mural, aquarium, floor tiles and river bench to create a sense of place resonant of the history and pre-history of the site.

A-Train, Bill Bell



Passersby may discover unexpected images that are hidden in the light patterns, and by speaking near a hidden microphone can activate a responsive sound system.

We Are Collage Image with Program Information and Work by Javier Carrillo and Simonette David Jackson

We Are… Portraits of Metro Riders by Local Artists

The We Are… rider portrait exhibition celebrates diversity and the community of transit riders across multiple formats and sites including buses, trains and stations in Los Angeles County and online. Tag your selfie #SomosWeAreLA to join in Metro’s portrait exhibition and share your journey, too!