What We See


Project Description Pat Warner designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms which reflect Pierce College’s emphasis on agricultural programs. The imagery makes references to nature and horticulture: leaves and tree limbs refer to the natural landscape and the lattice design of overlapping branches refer to espaliering, a traditional method of pruning and training fruit trees. The art panels feature images of birds that have been sited on the campus. Red tailed hawk, mockingbird, and Canada goose are common species that most users of the station will recognize. Western tanagers, western bluebirds and some species of warblers are less common but will be recognized by more observant travelers. Artist Statement “I am always amazed at how much life there is around us, aside from ourselves, when we make the effort to observe.” About the Artist PAT WARNER was born in Lancaster, PA and raised in a Mennonite community in Lancaster County, PA. As a young adult she spent time living in Switzerland and Italy before studying art at the Museum School of …

VAN NUYS, The New Town


Project Description Roxene Rockwell designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. Wheat and sugar beet fields are reminders of what was here before Van Nuys was subdivided in 1911. The chicken represents the chicken farms that existed in north Van Nuys and the floating musical notes draw attention to the fact that organs were produced for the silent movie theaters within walking distance of this station. The many twinkling lights seen from the hill above represent the Van Nuys that we know today. Artist Statement “As a fourth generation Angelino I have been fascinated with the continuing transformation of this city. I wanted to infuse my work at this station with the rich history of Van Nuys.” About the Artist   ROXENE ROCKWELL, M.A. is a mixed media artist who exhibits in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States.  Rockwell’s exhibitions have included solo exhibits at Louis Stern Fine Arts in Los Angeles and the Robert V. Fullerton Museum in San Bernardino.  Her group exhibitions include the Southern California landscape …

John Roloff, "Valley Scan" (station view)

Valley Scan


John Roloff’s artwork at Woodley Station references the geological make up of the Van Nuys, Sepulveda and San Fernando Valley area as well as paying homage to the geologists who study the Valley.

Sandow Birk, "Tarzan and Tarzana" (ephemera for study)

Tarzan and Tarzana


Sandow Birk’s “Tarzan and Tarzana” for Tampa Station incorporates designs that relate to the town of Tarzana as named after Edgar Rice Burroughs’ most famous creation, Tarzan of the Apes.

Anne Marie Karlsen, "Strati" (Rear View)


Anne Marie Karlsen’s “Strati” is inspired by the surrounding residential and natural landscape. Karlsen approached the station platform as an outdoor living room.

Detail of "Seven Spots and a Path" by Jud Fine

Seven Spots and a Path


As Landscape Artist, Jud Fine collaborated with the landscape architect and the Landscape Project Team to develop design concepts and specifications for landscaping artwork and plantings integrated throughout the G Line (Orange) route.



Project Description John O’Brien designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. Artwork designs incorporate images taken from high altitude aerial photos and from landsat satellite sources. A person in transit can either enjoy the artwork from the purely decorative point of view or delve into its mapping and discover that it actually maps the area they are transiting through. Artist Statement “In my public art, I work to embed different levels of meaning into the final work in such a way all viewers can come away with some sense of its significance and beauty.” About the Artist JOHN O’BRIEN’S public art commissions in Los Angeles include the Mar Vista and Westwood Branch Libraries, Sepulveda Park West as well as the Los Angeles Riverfront Park. He has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Southern California, and currently teaches as Assistant Professor in Sculpture at California State University Northridge. He has years of experience as an artist/educator and fabricator with a special focus on the traditions of assemblage art and …

Now and Then


Jody Zellen designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. Artwork designs incorporate images from the San Fernando Valley that trace its architectural history and its relationship to the city of Los Angeles.

Phung Huynh, Lucky California

Lucky California


Phung Huynh designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. The completed works display ‘lucky’ Chinese cherubs with California poppies, and Chinese cherub pilots in a surreal yet travel-friendly atmosphere of airplanes, birds and flying oranges.

Sam Erenberg, "Liquid Light: Flowing Into The Future" installation view

Liquid Light: Flowing into the Future


Photographed from a moving vehicle at night, the enamel steel art panels of Sam Erenberg’s Liquid Light: Flowing into the Future depict bright streams of light created by cars and storefront signage on major thoroughfares.

Journey to California


Project Description Daniel Marlos designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. There is a long history of quilting in this country. Many designs are centuries old and have descriptive names that correspond to important events. ‘Road to California’, ‘Railroad Crossing’, ‘Wandering Paths’, and ‘Wagon Wheel’ are just a few that actually deal with transportation. The selected pattern, Journey to California, is a pattern that references both California and travel. Artist Statement “Several years ago, I took my interest in structural film and photography, and expanded my media to include the handmade quilt. Duration, repetition, representations of time and space, mathematics (especially geometry) and the interstices between shots and images create a strong visual style that translates to the quilting medium.” About the Artist DANIEL MARLOS, born in Youngstown, Ohio, received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Youngstown State University and a Master of Fine Arts from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He is an installation artist, whose primary media has been photography and film. He has recently expanded his …

Images From “Dogs Chasing My Car in the Desert”


Project Description John Divola designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for station platforms. The design elements for this station involve images of dogs chasing cars. The terrazzo ellipses are dog run sequences and the enamel panels are individual dogs frozen in motion. Artist Statement “I hope to bring a sense of dynamic movement while providing a simple iconic identity for the station.” About the Artist JOHN DIVOLA has a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, Northridge and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. He has taught photography and art at numerous institutions including California Institute of the Arts, and currently teaches as Professor of Art at the University of California, Riverside. Divola’s work has been featured in more than fifty solo exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Europe, Mexico, and Australia. Among Divola’s Awards are Individual Artist Fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, a John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship, a Fintridge Foundation Fellowship, a City of Los Angeles Artist Grant and a California Arts …

Laura London, Former Location/Contemporary Portrait

Former Location/Contemporary Portrait


For “Former Location/Contemporary Portrait” at Valley College Station, photographer Laura London Recreated black and white contemporary portraits on porcelain enamel steel feature nearby historic locations of rock ‘n’ roll history and reference the styles and fashions of the times.

Caryl Davis, "Dramatic Locale" (station view)

Dramatic Locale


In “Dramatic Locale,” artist Caryl Davis designed a terrazzo paving area and a porcelain enamel steel panel for the North Hollywood station platform that incorporates the many placenames given to the regions landforms by its human inhabitants.

Roy Dowell Constructed Histories

Constructed Histories


Project Description Roy Dowell designed terrazzo paving areas and porcelain enamel steel panels for the station platforms. His designs for each platform utilize elements of neighboring signage and to some extent found printed posters and advertisements combined with other found printed material to create the images. The aircraft engine being used as a public sculpture at the Boeing plant across the street from the station was another point of inspiration, an object taken out of context and presented for purely aesthetic consideration. Artist Statement “My work alludes to a history of accumulated information and use as it invites the viewer to position themselves as both the interpreter and creator of a new history. Their lives and experiences feed the meaning and intent of the pieces that I have created for this site.” About the Artist ROY DOWELL has been a practicing artist for more than 25 years, with work in a number of museum collections. His work has been seen in numerous one-person and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Roy primarily works as a painter, …

Renée Petropoulos 14 Miles

14 Miles

As Lead Artist, Renée Petropoulos participated with the design team to incorporate art enhancements into the Metro G Line (Orange). During the planning stages, she identified future artist opportunities. During construction stages lead artist tasks included the design of customer seating areas at five transit plazas, final selection of station colors and materials, and station art installation oversight.