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Seven Spots and a Path

Detail of "Seven Spots and a Path" by Jud Fine

Project Description

As Landscape Artist, Jud Fine collaborated with the landscape architect and the Landscape Project Team to develop design concepts and specifications for landscaping artwork and plantings integrated throughout the Orange Line route. In addition to seven landscape art areas, designed specifically to reflect local conditions, Jud selected the Alignment Trees; a double line of Aleppo and Torrey Pines, spaced to roughly approximate the sense of movement of a vehicle on the busway. The alignment trees get closer together as they come to and depart from stations or intersections. The system places trees across from each other on the corridor in the following spacing:


Artist Statement

“This work is an organic referent to the larger community that demands it and the individual residences it serves. Its plan reflects the unity of the group and the uniqueness of the individual. Over a span of 14 miles it is fitting and logical that the landscape would be the foundation for this concept. Whereas the realization of the hard structure that is the Orange Line ceases with its physical completion, the process of the soft structure – people and plants – just begins. People and plants slowly and irrevocably reclaim their prerogative over the hardscape.”

About the Artist

JUD FINE received his Master of Fine Arts from Cornell University in New York. He has been the recipient of many awards, grants, and fellowships. His artwork has been exhibited and collected in museums and galleries throughout the world. He often collaborates with artist Barbara McCarren. Both individually and as McCarren/Fine, his recent art commissions include: Split Mound, an earthwork for the San Francisco Zoo; Modestopo, the Civic Plaza of Modesto, CA; Eureka, the lobby of the California State Department of Education Building, Sacramento; Mark, a linear narrative for the Ventura River Trail; and Maiz, an interactive landscape for Cesar Chavez Park, Long Beach, CA.