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14 Miles

Renée Petropoulos 14 Miles

Project Description

As Lead Artist, Renée Petropoulos participated with the design team to incorporate art enhancements into the Metro G Line (Orange). During the planning stages, she identified future artist opportunities. During construction stages lead artist tasks included the design of customer seating areas at five transit plazas, final selection of station colors and materials, and station art installation oversight.

In contrast to many transit systems, where each station is singularly designed, the Metro G Line (Orange) stations are uniform throughout. As a consistent design, the idea of movement is visualized, like a ribbon running through the Valley. The artworks individualize each station. Station artwork was included as a seamless part of construction, and Station Artist opportunities opened up to artists with a variety of media to bring their art expertise and creativity to the project.

Artist Statement

“The work is a tribute to the Valley – the attributes of respect – I always work in relationship to a site, conditions of the site – I call it situation-specific.”

About the Artist

RENÉE PETROPOULOS, born in Los Angeles, holds a fine arts degree from UCLA and lives and works in Venice, California. Petropoulos is a painter whose work has become increasingly three-dimensional, reflecting an interest in decorative forms and images of different cultures. Heavily influenced by street art, her works often involve several layers of painted imagery. Her public art commissions include a large painted ceiling at the downtown Los Angeles Public Library, a series of sculptures in Culver City, and a collaborative project for the Municipal Services Building in downtown Philadelphia.