Artworks, Stations

Dramatic Locale

Caryl Davis, "Dramatic Locale" (station view)

Project Description

Caryl Davis designed a terrazzo paving area and a porcelain enamel steel panel for the station platform. Text suggestive of geologic strata portrays a dialogue between land and a changing population in a listing of the many placenames given to the region’s landforms by its human inhabitants. Bus passengers will literally walk into the San Fernando Valley over a rocky terrazzo image of the region – crossing vast ranges, valleys and fault zones extending from coast to desert, as seen from space.

Artist Statement

“Here in Los Angeles, there is often little evidence that one is in a basin or a valley, and flanked by some of the planet’s fastest growing (and eroding) mountain ranges. My artwork for the North Hollywood station arose out of a desire to really experience this dramatic locale at the scale.”

About the Artist

CARYL DAVIS holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has taught life drawing at SCIArc (Southern California Institute of Architecture) for many years. Her work explores relationships between the body, environment and new materials. Projects include installations at the Drawing Center in NYC, MoCA, and most recently the MAK Center’s Schindler House and the Brewery Project in Los Angeles.