Detail of Paraje—Spanish for a resting place between two destinations—a 10ft h x 10ft w cast stainless steel sculpture containing imagery inspired by the nearby Gardena Willows Wetlands. Preserve.



Alison Saar’s Paraje is a reminder of the surrounding terrain’s natural history and is designed to offer transit users respite from the sun and wind. Located on the west end of the station platform and measuring 10 feet high by 10 feet wide, the cast stainless steel sculptural windscreen contains imagery inspired by the nearby Gardena Willows Wetlands Preserve, which is one of the few remaining pristine willow marshes in Los Angeles.

Béatrice Coron "Dreams" detail 1



Béatrice Coron’s Dreams pays tribute to the aspirations of Angelenos, the millions of individuals who have come to the City of Angels—a city of possibilities—so their hopes and dreams can take flight.