Will Power Allegory


The 14 colorful panels of Audrey Chan’s Will Power Allegory feature fluid vignettes of people and symbols from Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo, Arts District, Skid Row, Bronzeville and Gabrielino/Tongva Tribe.



Clare Rojas’s artwork will honor the presence of the natural world within the urban landscape and highlight humanity’s shared rhythm with the land, water, and sky.

Celebrating Connections at the Little Tokyo/Arts District Station

Next stop: Little Tokyo/Arts District Station community celebration!

Metro Art invites you to explore these downtown Los Angeles communities that are now easily accessible via rail. This free event, Celebrating Connections, includes food, interactive workshops, tours highlighting neighborhood cultural organizations and businesses and a Metro Art Presents music festival on Saturday, September 9, 2023 between 12:30-4:30pm.

Go Metro and take the A or E Line to Little Tokyo/Arts District Station.