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Project Description

Clare Rojas’s artwork Harmony will honor the presence of the natural world within the urban landscape and highlight humanity’s shared rhythm with the land, water and sky. The sun rises and sets from east to west in her lyrical composition of gradated colors and abstracted shapes for the glass walls of the station’s entrance pavilion. Below lunar diagrams, curvilinear columns simulate waves that intermittently reveal and obscure geometric, building-like forms. The translucent surface will refract daylight in a full spectrum of color on the surrounding pavement. Drawing inspiration from Metro’s expansive rail lines emanating from the station, Rojas likens the interconnecting routes to arteries that, similar to LA’s historic aqueduct system and natural tributaries, lead to the ocean.

Artwork rendering of south elevation on the west half

Artwork rendering of the west portion of the south elevation of Harmony

Community Event > Crochet Jam

In conjunction with her project, Rojas invited fellow artist Ramekon O’Arwisters to lead community members through an intergenerational crochet workshop called Crochet Jam. Participants contributed personal pieces of fabric and learned how to crochet with oversize wooden hooks to co-create a large weaving to serve as a metaphor for interdependence.

Artist Statement

“The landscape is the great equalizer of humanity. Our cultural traditions are deeply shaped by the earth’s [daily] rotation around the sun, lunar tides, sunrise and sunset.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Clare Rojas  CLARE ROJAS (b. 1976, Columbus, Ohio) explores issues of gender and domesticity in her installations, performances and narrative paintings that incorporate vivid geometric shapes and quilt-like patterns. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and Master of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Rojas’s work is in the collection of several museums, including the Denver Art Museum, Walker Art Center and Whitney Museum of American Art. She is the recipient of awards from Artadia, the Fleishhacker Foundation, Headlands Center for the Arts and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation.