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Us as a Measure of Openness


Project Description

Rendered with bold, flat colors on a stark backdrop, Geoff McFetridge’s striking artworks depict communities of people interacting with large abstract shapes. From mothers and children to gardeners and lawyers, the figures are unique and expressive. The geometric forms allude to architecture and city infrastructure, which both support and are supported by the people.

Artist Statement

“I am trying to capture how this city constantly surprises me with its diversity and confounding polarities of experience. Los Angeles is urban in a way that can accurately be described as abstract.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Geoff McFetridge

Portrait of Geoff McFetridge

GEOFF McFETRIDGE was born and raised in Canada, educated at the California Institute of the Arts and is currently based in Los Angeles.  Many of his artworks are about looking at familiar images in a new way, using the literacy of the viewer in order to create poetry out of common visual language such as figures; animals and simple shapes. His work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions throughout the globe. He has completed major murals sponsored by Nike and was recently awarded a large public art commission for the Ottawa Light Transit Authority for the new Lyon subway station.

Locations: Future Westchester/Veterans Station