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Project Description

Sherin Guirguis’s richly colored artworks reflect the countless individuals who have migrated to the area, many of whom have risen above tremendous obstacles. Combining visual references from the station site, such as the colors of the sky at dusk and dawn, and ironwork adorning the porches of nearby homes, she also alludes to her own history and journey to Los Angeles. Considering the cultural, social and spatial histories shared by transit users, the artwork reflects the diversity of the surrounding neighborhood and city of Los Angeles.

Artist Statement

“As a daily Metro user, I experience the convergence of people from a multitude of backgrounds. I consider the train platform a gateway and threshold for riders as they connect one part of their day with the next. It is a place where the diversity of the city is highlighted and where the interaction between its citizens and visitors is most dynamic.”

About the Artist

Portait of Sherin Guirguis

Portait of Sherin Guirguis

Locations: Aviation/Century