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Photo Binge

Colette Fu, Photo Binge

Project Description

‘Photo Binge’ satirizes an urban, commodity-driven culture that focuses on food, health, nutrition, beauty and the surface of things. The collage of images depicts various binge activities such as eating, exercising and shopping. Fu chose sports-related backgrounds to engage these images because they reference bones, sweat, desire, spectatorship, competition, achievement and the constant social habit of judging, evaluating and comparing.

Artist Statement

“My attempt is to show the destructive impulses that I have already experienced within the obsessiveness of the journey and imprint of what has become a daily preoccupation of millions of people. I have a need for complexity that is obsessive, rewarding and most of all fun. I hope that my imagery can help bring viewers into a sort of public waking dream state where they can later explore and become aware of their own private fears, hopes and desires.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Colette Fu

Portrait of Colette Fu

COLETTE FU has exhibited her photography in New York, Virginia, Washington DC, Ohio and Chicago. A graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, she has received honors from Women in Photography and is the 2003 Nikon Publish Your Passion Grand Prize Winner.