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Miracle of La Brea


Project Description

Mark Dean Veca’s artwork concept for the station platform draws from the art deco details of the nearby Wilshire Tower building and the past and present geology of the Miracle Mile neighborhood through stylistic references to barley fields and tar. Emerging from the “tar,” transit customers will see everyday objects cherished by people who live and work in the area. Evoking movement and playfulness, the layered imagery will be fabricated in porcelain enamel steel and extend down the length of the station platform on either side.

Artist Statement

“Tar is inextricably linked with the identity of the Miracle Mile and Hancock Park. As the trains will be traveling underground through tunnels that have been dug in and around ancient tar deposits, my surreal artwork will acknowledge the reality of the surrounding geology.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Mark Dean Veca

Portrait of Mark Dean Veca

Locations: Wilshire/La Brea