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High Prismatic


Project Description

Reflecting upon the geological, anthropological and cultural histories of the region served by the station, Pearl C. Hsiung’s artwork High Prismatic depicts an explosive, colorful gesture rising out of an infinitely roiling landscape toward a spray-tinted, celestial expanse. This ‘geyser’ reflects the dramatic forces of endless change that bubble and erupt in nature and human nature, both of which have shaped the Bunker Hill area. The saturated palette, variegated painting techniques and compositional approach in High Prismatic reflect aspects of the artist’s Taiwanese American identity and the multi-textured, polychromatic experience of growing up and living in Southern California.

In conjunction with her artwork, Hsiung hosted an interactive public event at the Regional Connector project’s Halfway There event.


Pearl C. Hsiung, High Prismatic

Pearl C. Hsiung, High Prismatic

Artist Statement

“I wanted to celebrate the disparate yet harmonious cosmos of images, languages, cultures and relationships that make up the history of this region, its ever churning present and endlessly shifting future.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Pearl C. Hsiung

Portrait of Pearl C. Hsiung

PEARL C. HSIUNG (b. 1973, Taiwan) creates multidisciplinary work drawing on pop culture and the history of painting to explore the intersection of representation and abstraction. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles and Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths College, London. Her large-scale paintings, works on paper and performance videos have been exhibited extensively throughout the Los Angeles region and in Europe, Mexico and South Korea. Hsiung has been awarded a California Cultural Foundation Fellowship and artist residencies from Art Production Fund, Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), Red Mansion Foundation, and the National Park Service for the Santa Monica Mountains and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area.