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Ephemeral Views: A Visual Essay

Ronald J. Llanos, Ephemeral Views: A Visual Essay

Project Description

A constant observer of city life, Ronald J. Llanos presents snapshot sketches of everyday activities. The art panels are designed to unfold like the pages of an open book, depicting scenes and characters from the neighborhood’s active streets. Some of the imagery captured in Llanos’ vignettes: large open skies dotted with palm trees and billboards, women walking down the street pushing baby carriages, a man selling flowers from a pushcart, and teens walking home from school.

Ronald J. Llanos, Ephemeral Views: A Visual Essay

Ronald J. Llanos, “Ephemeral Views: A Visual Essay” (study for one of twenty-four station art panels)

Artist Statement

“You might call me a ‘visual journalist’ or an ‘urban realist.’ My images are inspired by people, and by places I travel to or frequent. I feel that if I search within myself for that which I find interesting about the places and people of those areas, I might be able to communicate with people across time.”

About the Artist

Ronald Llanos

Portrait of Ronald Llanos

RONALD J. LLANOS has exhibited regionally at Bamboo Lane Gallery, Ghetto-gloss, Black Maria Gallery, the Eagle Rock Community Center, The Drawing Club and Avenue 50 Studio. He was selected as the artist for the Van Nuys Metro Through the Eyes of Artist Poster in 2005. Llanos teaches at his alma mater, the Art Center College of Design, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors.