At the Same Time


Project Description

Rebeca Méndez’s two mosaic murals transform the concourse wall into a sublime panorama of the sky as seen from Los Angeles. Articulating the progression of time over 24 hours, vertical segments portraying the stars and the moon flank an ethereal cloud-scattered azure. The atmospheric slices were transcribed from photographs taken at 15-minute intervals over a number of days and nights. A second mosaic of a lofted bird wing references the migrations of the Arctic tern, while also evoking the angels called upon during West Angeles Cathedral’s sermons nearby.

Artist Statement

At the Same Time can be understood as . . . [an] emotional timepiece . . . inspiring us to bring our mind and body as we experience, if just for a moment, the fullness of time expressed in the sky above us.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Rebeca Méndez

Portrait of Rebeca Méndez