Sheila Klein, Underground Girl

Underground Girl


Project Description “Hollywood” connotes a place, a street, an industry, myth, fantasy and spectacle: a distinct culture known throughout the world. The core, or essence, of Hollywood prompted the artist/architect design team to consider, “What sleeps beneath the city at the corner of Hollywood and Highland?” and influenced the creation of a station that honors the cinematic, theatrical, and fantastical heritage that is Hollywood. The entrance to the station is announced with a sweeping metal canopy. Passengers entering the station are greeted by a dynamic display of artist-created images projected from theatrical lights suspended from a sculptural ceiling truss. The concrete station box has been transformed by this team into a telescoping, organic form where rhythmic breaks in the walls and ceiling panels reveal structural supports; in much the same way, movie or theater production stage sets, or the nearby Hollywood sign, are facades held in place. Sculptural forms are attached like organisms to the platform columns and boldly illuminate the station’s cavity. One has the sense of being in the depths of a giant …