Artworks, Transportation Facilities

The Metro Machine


Project Description

Office workers and visitors are treated to a sweeping epoxy terrazzo artwork encompassing the entire main entry lobby and reception floor.

The installation covers 900 square feet and consists of four color terrazzo with aluminum strip inserts that sharply delineate multiple shapes, texts and symbols.

Thinking metaphorically about the internal workings of the Metro system as a “well oiled machine,” the artist introduces shapes for train, bus and bicycle wheels and power gears all fluidly interconnected with a belt running throughout the floor design. The seriousness of its transit purpose is offset with humor and surprise as evidenced in the “maze” wheel, representing the challenging tasks and complexities inherent in a public transportation system.

Artist Statement

“This installation is based on the workings of the transit district and its job of working as a well oiled machine.”

About the Artist

MARK LERE was born and raised in LaMoure, North Dakota. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Metropolitan State College, in Denver, Colorado, and a Master of Fine Arts from UC Irvine. Language, used in a title or as part of a piece, is an important element in his work. He has had solo exhibits in various galleries in Los Angeles as well as in the North Dakota Museum of Art. In 1989 he did a temporary installation for Piedmont Park, in the city of Atlanta and he has done public art commissions in Seattle, Irvine and Los Angeles. He has been a design team member in various redevelopment projects in Phoenix, AZ and Santa Monica, CA. He currently lives and works in the Los Angeles area.