Running for the Blue Line

Elliot Pinkney, "Running for the Blue Line"

Project Description

Pinkney repainted Washington Station in a bright color scheme: red, blue, yellow and green. Contributing to the excitement and energy of the station is Running for the Blue Line, a group of three metal cut out figures that gives the work its name and captures the hard-working spirit of this industrial community. A series of brightly painted metal cut-out steel panels with cut out patterns are attached to the fences on either side of the tracks. Looking at the patterns one might discover faces, a dragon, an African mask and other cultural symbols. Other elements in the work include modifications to the station entry marker emphasizing the new color scheme and a series of colorful banners.

Elliot Pinkney, "Running for the Blue Line"

Elliot Pinkney, “Running for the Blue Line”

Artist Statement

“The Washington Station now wears a variety of colors to give it new meaning and purpose. Located in a highly grey, industrial section, the station now serves as a colorful island and a beacon in the community.”

About the Artist

Elliot Pinkney Artist Portrait

Elliot Pinkney Artist Portrait

ELLIOTT PINKNEY was born and spent his childhood in Brunswick, Georgia. His high school teachers encouraged him to pursue a career in the arts. He moved to California and received a Bachelor of Arts with honors from Woodbury University. Pinkney is an accomplished artist who works in a variety of media; he is a printmaker, muralist and sculptor and his work is centered around color experimentation. He has done several murals in Compton and Los Angeles. He has had public commissions from SPARC, the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department, the Los Angeles City Library, and the Los Angeles County Health Services. He exhibits his work throughout California and has received numerous awards. He lives and works in the city of Compton.