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Overcoat (USC Medical Center Station)

Merge Conceptual Design, Overcoat - USC

Project Description

Merge Conceptual Design, the artist team of Franka Diehnelt and Claudia Reisenberger was commissioned to develop color palettes and tile artworks for two stations along the El Monte busway. For the USC Medical Center Station, they devised paint and tile schemes that transform the dreary pedestrian bridge and corresponding bus terminal into stylish urban focal points. The artists made their color selections based on light studies of the facility at different times of the day and chose a harmonious paint palette of cool blues and greens. Tile murals at the bus boarding and elevator lobby areas continue these colors, with imagery referencing the east – west bus connection between the San Bernardino Mountains and Los Angeles. Included in the collection of images, all relating to an east/west journey, are a telephone, a medical stethoscope, a hospital uniform, a red chili, poppies, a house, a car, a bus, cacti, a surfer and an open book.

Artist Statement

“Our goal was to transform an imposing structure into a playful array of brightly colored spaces. The bus terminals green and blue paint scheme was designed to counteract the gray of the adjacent railway and 10 Freeway. The palette continues to the platform level tile, which features stylized symbols representing the ‘east’ and ‘west’ bus destinations.”

About the Artist

MERGE CONCEPTUAL DESIGN is FRANKA DIEHNELT and CLAUDIA REISENBERGER. The Santa Monica based artists have collaborated on design projects for the past ten years in Europe and the United States. Both were formally trained in Vienna, Berlin and Copenhagen in architecture as well as art. The artists have completed public art projects throughout the Los Angeles area, including the entrance canopies for the “Prado on Lake” development, Pasadena. The artists also completed public art projects for two Metro El Monte busway stations.

Merge Conceptual Design