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Hope, Dream, Path, Focus, Belief,

Sandra Rowe, Hope, Dream, Path, Focus, Belief,

Project Description

Rowe’s installation at San Pedro Station employs a variety of elements honoring the struggle to succeed of the many immigrant groups in the neighborhood. One part of the work, Hope, Dream, presents a series of stainless steel profile-portraits of community members mounted above the benches on the platform, while another element, Path, Focus, Belief, presents symbols of their aspirations. A third element of the work, consisting of etched bronze cladding on the station columns, uses drawings by children from nearby San Pedro Street Elementary School to document the hopes for the future of the present community around the station.

Sandra Rowe, Hope, Dream, Path, Focus, Belief,

Sandra Rowe, Hope, Dream, Path, Focus, Belief,

Artist Statement

“Luck and chance sometimes play an important role in our survival and success. Sometimes we say that being somewhere at the ‘right’ time means everything. But before that happens, I believe that we must have in our minds a picture of what it is that the ‘right’ time could bring us. I came up with several words but two stuck out more than others: Hope and Dream; the words Path, Focus and Belief followed.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Sandra Rowe


SANDRA ROWE was born and spent most of her childhood in Richmond, Indiana. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Cal State University, Fresno and then a Master of Fine Arts from UC Irvine. She is an installation artist who uses different media including video, sculpture, and painting. She has had solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and New Hampshire including the California Afro-American Museum, and the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA. Public commissions include the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim; Hollywest, done with ARBA and Nadel Architects; the Children’s Tile Project for the California Towers, Riverside; the Northridge Medical Clinic; and Art in Public Buildings in Corte Madera Town Center, CA. She lives and works in Riverside, CA.