Artworks, Construction Banners + Fences

Hollywood/Western northern site (1997-1998)

Marco Elliott, Hollywood/Western northern site (1997-1998)

Project Description

Artist Marco Elliott—a Venice High School teacher—worked with students and artist-trainees to develop Mojave Strip, a series of banners that covered the construction fence at the Hollywood/Western Station northern site. Elliott’s imagery consisted of bright colors and a playful composition with familiar yet unidentifiable creatures. The images, which teased the eye and simulated childlike imagination, also warned us that some species, such as dinosaurs, are lost forever, gone and extinct. All the while, Metro workers digging tunnels and building stations below the city were uncovering evidence of dinosaurs and carefully preserving them.

Artist Statement

“The imagery…is meant to create a whimsical, sweet and sour poetic touch. The images may be read as humor or fantasy reminiscent of the amazement that children of all ages may at times experience while discovering the rich and bizarre wonders of nature. We may individually still be able to work to slow down the early decline of our species by making some simple choices when it comes to transportation and the abuse of fossil fuels.”

About the Artist