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Hollywood/McCadden site (1995-99)

Larry Gruda, Hollywood/McCadden site (1995-99)

Project Description

Larry Gruda involved those who live in, attend programs in, or work at various organizations within the community in creating glass-tile columns placed intermittently along the Metro Rail construction fence at Hollywood Boulevard and McCadden Place. The reflective glass mosaics enlivened the street, glistening during the day and glittering at night. Gruda held several workshops at the facilities of participating organizations to demonstrate and oversee the glass tile-making process. The individual columns were returned to the participating organizations when the construction fence was finally removed.

Artist Statement

“I have always been interested in bridging the gap that exists between the art in the ‘ivory towers’ and the art experience of the average person. I see the artist’s function as facilitator, creating the space in which a community expresses itself. As in previous projects of this sort, there arises a visual expression of the participants, which stands as a symbol of the innate beauty and creativity in all of us.”

About the Artist