Artworks, Stations

Blissful Interiors

Adobe LA, "Blissful Interiors" (platform view)

Project Description

Adobe LA created a series of benches with tile rugs at the platform and a large scale free standing sculpture inspired by the striking and colorful design culture of Eastside living rooms, shops, cars, and toys.

By researching local residential and urban design culture, Adobe LA collected a variety of design motifs that survey what local residents are comfortable with and proud of, and manifest this knowledge into an artistic outcome in the station environment.

Artist Statement

“We are completely immersed in an environment where design is dictated. From our local shopping centers, freeways, to a neighborhood restaurant, we have no say in what our environment looks like. However, our homes are quite different. Here we can have total control. They are our sanctuary. We wanted to celebrate this fact and extend it to the station environment.”

About the Artist

ADOBE LA is an arts collective of architects and designers including Ulises Diaz, Gustavo Leclerc, Laura Alvarez and Barbara Jones. They have created inter-disciplinary artworks about the immigrant experience for the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Social and Public Art Resource Center in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Criminal Justice Building, and various sites on the border between the U.S.A. and Mexico.