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A Florence Moment

Ricardo Duffy, A Florence Moment

Project Description

Ricardo Duffy, after visiting the neighborhood along Florence Avenue, was inspired by the dynamic foot traffic along the storefront-filled street. Lively and colorful, the immediate community is primarily a mix of new immigrants from Mexico and Central America along with long-standing African American and Anglo residents.

The Metro Florence Station is a narrow center platform rail station that sits in the center of this bustling community. There are four large-scale steel sign posts on the platform that house seating for the rail patrons. Attached on the top posts of these structures are eight whimsical and colorful ceramic artworks. The imagery includes signage, storefronts, icons, and people along Florence Avenue.

Artist Statement

“These images represent upbeat or whimsical snapshots of life in this area. Included are some of the more colorful and humorous storefront iconography…the brightly colored glazed artwork embodies the area’s present day lively atmosphere.”

About the Artist

RICARDO DUFFY is an artist who has exhibited extensively in the United States and abroad. A master ceramicist, Duffy has not only created work for galleries, museums and public art projects both in the USA and Mexico but he has also consulted for a spectrum of public art artists. Among his public art commission are the East Los Angeles Civic Center, Los Angeles World Airport and the Ontario International Airport.

Location: Florence Station