In the Living Rock


Artist Samm Kunce’s artwork explores ideas gathered from science and literature. The celebration of inherent beauty of natural materials is a recurrent theme in her work. Kunce’s tile mural at the 1st and Hill St. entrance to the Civic Center station runs the length of the curved planter bed wall.

I Dreamed I Could Fly

In a reflection of the universal motif of flight as spiritual journey, Jonathan Borofsky’s I Dreamed I Could Fly is an interpretation of the artist’s dreams of soaring above ground. The six fiberglass figures, all resembling the artist, hover and cast large shadows in the high bay area of Civic Center Station.

Civic Center Benches


Peter Reiquam specializes in the design and fabrication of public furnishings that are both fun and utilitarian- a sleek series of four subway ‘sofas’ for the Civic Center Station platform.