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The Four Pillars

Man One, The Four Pillars

Project Description

The artist chose four elements: family, faith, work, and history to represent the spirit of the East Los Angeles community.

Two walls in English (faith and history) and two in Spanish (trabajo and familia) reflected the present reality of spoken language in the area. The lettering, done in bold and colorful urban art style, made it relevant to the youth who viewed the walls on a daily basis.

Artist Statement

“Work is the most vital because it literally creates the house you live in and creates pride in the members of the community as well as the commerce that drives everyday life.”

About the Artist

Man One

Portrait of Man One

MAN ONE has created mural work as part of a wide variety of public and private commissions including Coca-Cola, Geary’s, Los Angeles Unified School District and the US Department of Health and Human Services. A graduate of Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles CA, Man One grew up and primarily works in the City of Los Angeles.







Display year: 2006 – 2008