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Aaron Rivera, Lakewood

Project Description

The town of Lakewood, California turned what was once an agricultural landscape into one of the first suburbs and model for planned communities across the nation. The town became a vista of wide boulevards, flanked by smaller streets lined with mid-century homes, dotted by parks, pools and shopping centers.

Aaron Rivera, Lakewood

Artist Statement

“I have chosen to illustrate the area’s sense of family life and community. The image depicts families and neighbors at a backyard party/ BBQ, against the backdrop of a 1950’s style suburban home.

I hope this…brings to mind a lightness of spirit and motion within the story while providing visual interest outside the narrative.”

About the Artist

Portrait of Aaron Rivera

AARON RIVERA has a diverse artistic background including storyboard artist, scenic painter, and puppet fabricator. He has exhibited work at various galleries in Los Angeles at such places as the LA Municipal Art Gallery and La Luz De Jesus Art Gallery. He has also presented his work at Art Basel in Miami, Florida and the UBC Mural Company in Chicago, Illinois. Rivera received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the San Francisco State University.

About Through the Eyes of Artists

In the tradition of celebrating transportation through colorful travel destination posters, Metro Art commissions a diverse range of Los Angeles artists to create original artworks for the Through the Eyes of Artists poster series. Established in 2003, the posters are displayed onboard Metro trains and buses.

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