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William Acedo, Irwindale

Project Description

Titled by the artist, Jardin de las Rocas (garden of rocks) the name given to the area by early Spanish settlers the artwork celebrates the rich confluence of landscapes, cultures and histories that intersect within the city of Irwindale. Acedo was struck by the layers of history shaping the landscape.

William Acedo, Irwindale

Artist Statement

“I witnessed the San Gabriel River as it burst from mountains to industrial plains of Irwindale today. I immediatelyt thought of how vital this site must have been for the nearby native settlement, Azuksagna, home of the local Tongva/Gabrielino indigenous people. My resulting panoramic drawing…aims to not only draw attention to the geological beauty of the site, but also alludes to the panorama of history and the various inhabitants who lived on this land up till today.”

About the Artist

WILLIAM ACEDO has exhibited locally at such institutions as Self Help Graphics, the Vortex and District Gallery and has been included in exhibitions at such venues as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, University of Notre Dame and the National Museum of Mexican Art in Chicago. Acedo’s artwork is included in a number of prestigious collections including the George Lopez collection, Cheech Marin collection and the Smithsonian Institute. He has also created murals in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz and Berlin.