Susan Logoreci, Right of Way

Right Above The Right-Of-Way


Project Description Just as this aerial station provides views of the surrounding areas, the artworks present aerial views of local neighborhoods, depicted in an intricate series of colored pencil drawings. Drawn from photographs that were shot from a helicopter hovering above the city, the images present the structured landscape of the area punctuated with identifiable landmarks. Seen as a body of work, the group of eight art panels reveal a patchwork of growth and development that describe an ever changing civic infrastructure. Artist Statement “While waiting in the station, passengers will be able to see certain landmarks and to get a sense of where they are in a large, dense landscape. The handmade quality of my drawings reflects on the idea that our cities are places that we create and care for together.” About the Artist SUSAN LOGORECI has completed public art projects for the Los Angeles International Airport and City National Bank. Her work has been exhibited at venues such as the Museum of Contemporary Art Minsk, Torrance Art Museum, Angels Gate Cultural Center and …