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Green Line Opening Poster Series: Noni Olabisi

Noni Olabisi, Metro Green Line

Project Description

Metro rail poster series commemorating the opening of the Metro Green Line, now C Line (Green). Rosa Parks’ contribution to the history of transportation and civil rights is honored in this powerful work by artist Noni Olabisi that was distributed to the public to celebrate the opening of the rail line.

Noni Olabisi Metro Green Line Commemorative Poster, 1995

Noni Olabisi Metro Green Line Commemorative Poster, 1995

About the Artist

Noni Olabisi

Portrait of Noni Olabisi

NONI OLABISI (b. 1954, St. Louis, MO; d. 2022, Los Angeles) is a prolific muralist whose paintings can be found on the facades of buildings throughout Los Angeles. Some of her best-known murals include Freedom Won’t Wait (1992) and To Protect and Serve (1996). Olabisi earned an associate’s degree from Los Angeles Southwest College. Her work has been featured in many exhibitions throughout the United States, and she is the recipient of a number of awards.





Display year: 1995