Artworks, Posters, Silver Linings

La Esperanza

Alfonso Aceves, La Esperanza

Project Description

Art with birds, and a person in a straw hat and dials of images and colors.

Alfonso Aceves, La Esperanza

Artist Statement

“The music plays. The helping hand reaches out. The birds fly by. The flowers grow. The work of sharing joy continues. The community draws together. Our hearts beat for one another.”

About the Artist

Alfonso Aceves is an accomplished self-taught printmaker born and raised in Boyle Heights who has shown work throughout California as well as in Washington State, New Mexico, and Arizona. Aceves found his passion and inspiration for life through his discovery of printmaking 10 years ago.  Along with artist Adriana Carranza and their four children, Aceves founded Kalli Arte, a family art collective dedicated to speaking directly to their community through printmaking, exhibitions, art installations, community workshops and marketplaces.

On display May 2021 – July 2021