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Mitch Dobrowner, Untitled

Project Description

Landscape photographs compare the endurance of geological features with the less permanent built environment. Cityscapes are dwarfed by landforms and cloudscapes, in an effort to emphasize the rapid pace of change in the city against the much more slowly shifting natural world.

Artist Statement

“The structures and roads that man builds, these landscapes, are like living, evolving organisms. They are ever changing and temporal.”

About the Artist

MITCH DOBROWNER has exhibited his work nationally and internationally and has photography in the collection at prestigious institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, Texas, the Portland Art Museum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. His work has been published in Storms by the Aperture Foundation, The Prophecies of William Blake by 21st Editions and Mitch Dobrowner: Prism Series Book #2 also by 21st Editions.