Paul Botello, Syncretic Manifestations

Syncretic Manifestations


Project Description Inspired by the classic style of the Anasazi, Maya and Aztec Pre-Columbian cultures, the artwork is infused with a modern sensibility and stands as a metaphor for the relationship between nature, society and the sacred. The artist created 16 stainless steel cut panels in the style of “papel picado” (cut paper) along both sides of the station area. The sculptures pay homage to “family” and “history.” Stylized large scale heads of Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent Mesoamerican deity mark the generations past and present and are located within the landscaped areas at both ends of the station platform. Artist Statement “Our goal is to distill and abstract the many pivotal events that have shaped and formed a very dynamic community as well as a very rich Latino heritage.” About the Artist PAUL BOTELLO was born and raised in East Los Angeles. He earned a BA and an MFA from Cal State University, Los Angeles. He teaches art in the LAUSD school system and at Claremont College. In 1994 he traveled to Berlin, Germany where …