Metro Artworks

Patrick Nagatani


Project Description Patrick Nagatani’s collage mural addresses the idea of transportation from an individual to a global perspective. Over 500 postcards of transit images from 1900-1995 together form a view of the edge of the earth seen from space. Images from NASA, including photos taken from Voyager I, the Hubbell Space Telescope, the Magellan Probe, Viking I, Voyager II, and the Galileo Probe are set against a black “deep space” background. In the center are a series of images from photography and motion pioneer Eadweard Muybridge’s eleven volume photographic study of motion, published in 1887. The series used in the mural is entitled Human Locomotion and is directly related to the mural’s theme of transportation. This revolutionary study of the human anatomy in motion forever changed the way artists represent human movement; the series is also considered to be the first moving picture ever made. The work reminds us that transportation begins and ends with each individual. Artist Statement “From the dawn of mankind, the center of transportation has been with man himself. Whether walking, encased in …